Haro! UnHip LA is a blog about finding offbeat and free fun in the Los Angeles area. Daily Candy, Thrillist, LA.com….this is far less hipper than those sites. Instead, this little blog, powered by a curious monkey, hopes to help you discover your own Los Angeles, one that is free from the herds and with easy parking. L.A. is a wonderful town, a bit ugly to get around in, but a wonderful town.

How to use this blog: Some things/events here are time-dependent; others are not. Browse through the site either by scrolling through it or clicking on a category link. Also, use the helpful search box. You might be surprised by what you find.

UnHip LA on Twitter: I post more frequently on Twitter, which I have found has a network of thrifty Angelenos.  Twitter is where I put my quick posts of things to do.  The blog is where I will elaborate.  Look to the right and you’ll see my Twitter feed or go here for the real deal:    www.twitter.com/unhipla


I am a freelance monkey who’s been published around the block and further. I love to wander around L.A. and find new things to do, places to eat, and writerly hangouts. I live in the San Gabriel Valley and have a serious aversion to the Wessside, so most of my hangouts are in this area. That’s good for you if you live here! If not, venture out to my turf; you’ll love it. Plus, we’ve got free parking.

Contact me at UnHipLA-at-gmail-dot-com.

UnHip LA has been featured on laobserved.com; laist.com; la.metblogs.com; lbreport.com; lbpost.com; nbclosangeles.com; militantangeleno.blogspot.com; ocregister.com; superpunch.blogspot.com; capitolweekly.net, thefcblog.com, and others.

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