Ever since I first tasted Garrett’s Chicago Mix while in Chicago, I have been trying to find a similar creation in the San Gabriel Valley.  The mall popcorn stands just can’t capture the warm, oily, cheesy caramel-y goodness that is the Chicago Mix.  The mix has to be served hot, fresh, and greasy.  Well, finally, I found a good substitute – at the Kettle Korn stand at the Alhambra Farmer’s Market!  It’s not quite Chicago style but close enough.  And it was served hot and fresh.  $6 for a good size bag.  I was in heaven all day.  True Chicago Style has separate cheese corn and caramel corn mixed together, but the Alhambra version has the cheese and caramel mixed together on one kernel.  Still works for me.


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Alhambra Chicago Style Popcorn

One thought on “Alhambra Chicago Style Popcorn

  • Every freakin’ time we go we ask for a “small” bag. They never have the small bag in stock.

    The SO is a sucker for Garrett’s, but we refuse to fork out $6 for pop corn when organic pluots are $1.75/lb.

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