Last Friday I checked out the Food Fair and Artisanal Marketplace at the Chefs Center in Pasadena.  I really went because I needed another samosa roll fix from Ma Jasmin’s.  (Tip – the samosa rolls are $1 less at the Alhambra Farmer’s Market on Sunday.)  I also ate a delicious chocolate chip cookie called The Holy Grail.  This cookie was so large that I only ate part of it and refrigerated it for the next day.  The chilled cookie was perhaps even more delicious the next day.

Tons of people came out for the Food Fair.  Lines grew long and it was hot, but still it was a fun outing and I recommend this as a lovely way to kick off the weekend with your friends.  The Center has picnic tables outside and cooler indoor seating.  It’s also fun to look around their kitchens.  The Chefs Center helps people launch their food business dreams.  Many of the artisanal vendors gave out tasty samples – jams, cupcakes, sweets.  The only downside – other than the crowds – is the price.  The trucks charge restaurant prices – yes, I know these gourmet trucks need to make money – but why charge a restaurant price when there is no restaurant overhead?   Cut us some slack and take a buck or so off the price.  I think people who pay $7 for a banh mi are crazy.  Nevertheless, I probably will mosey on out for tomorrow’s fair to grab a grilled cheese sandwich.  Friday’s trucks will be:

> Slammin’ Sliders (menu)

> KO Tacos (menu)

> Flying Pig (menu)

> Coolhaus (menu)

> Grilled Cheese (menu)

> Greasy Wiener (menu)

Check out the Chefs Center site for more details.

The Food Fairs run till October 2011 and are on Fridays from 6-9 pm.  Parking is on the street.   45 N. San Gabriel Boulevard at Colorado in Pasadena.

Here are pics from last Friday’s fair (7/1/11):

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Friday Night Food Fair Fun in Pasadena

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