Can a cheap meal be had at Whole Foods?  As I get to know its second floor eating area better, I think I can say….Yes.  The breakfasts, tacos, and Middle Eastern food all seemed reasonably priced.  Then I saw this on WF’s (Arroyo Parkway location) calendar:

Saturday March 21st and Sunday 22nd

Whole Lotta BBQ!

12pm-3pm $5 per plate

Join us at the Demo Station both days to get your loaded down plate of BBQ, chips/cookies, salad, and drink for only $5! And all the proceeds go to the Whole Planet Foundation. Help end poverty and end your hunger all at the same time!


Get your plate "loaded" with BBQ for only $5?  This I have to see and maybe I will see it twice. 

Yesterday, I had WF’s Korean spicy chicken bowl and I was pleased with it; the spinach and brown rice with it were great.  It’s not that cheap though at a little over $8, but it was good and the health factor makes me like it more than other Korean fare.  It’s what I would call Healthy Korean Cuisine.

Whole Foods affordable in a recession?  It just may be possible. Plus they have free Wifi.

Whole Foods

465 South Arroyo Parkway
Pasadena, CA 91105 USA
Phone 626.204.2266


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BBQ for $5 at Whole Foods

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