So I’ve now been to Fresh & Easy in Alhambra three times and can say this – I don’t like the shopping experience there.  The aisles are smaller than most grocery stores, so it’s hard not to run into someone.  I felt cramped and cornered there.  Also the ready-made food section looked very uninspired.  I could not bring myself to buy anything from there.  I do, however, like the tea section; it seemed to have more unique teas than most stores and A LOT cheaper at $2.15/box.  Whole Foods did not have chocolate tea, but Fresh & Easy did. (I just saw that Trader Joe’s sells tea cheaper than Fresh and Easy.)  I did get some Fresh & Easy chocolate granola bars that were hearty and tasty. I did not look forward to checking myself out though.  As I was bagging my groceries, another family started scanning their purchases, so their stuff collided with mine.  Grrrr!  After shopping at F & E, I have decided I like the little luxury of having a clerk and bag person.  F & E makes Ralphs seem like a spa.  I did see a lot of families shopping at F & E, so I’m guessing there are good deals on meat and produce.  I’m really more of a ready-made, frozen, and snack shopper, so perhaps my views of F & E are not the norm.  Also, I think the rainy weather has made me more cross than usual.  Grrrr!

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Fresh & Easy Visit #3

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