Chicago versus L.A.  (Note: I was staying in a suburb of Chicago.)

1. Public restrooms in Chicago do not use paper toilet seat covers that much.  I only encountered these two times in my 1.5 week stay.  Do Chicagoans not care about germs as much as Angelenos?  Do they know something we don’t know?

2. Ice cream/milkshakes/sundaes are heavily advertised out in Chicago.  Green tea froyo?  The Pinkberry influenza has not hit the Chicago ‘burbs yet.

3. Lush greenness does exist…in the Midwest.  

4. Keen brand footwear is very popular in Chi-town.  I bought a pair of the clownish trekking shoes myself.  They are like having your feet in bumper cars with Tempurpedic cushioning underneath them.  They’re seriously arch-wear foot heaven.  When I wear them, my feet are constantly being massaged. I did not notice Keens in L.A., but then again, I have not been looking at people’s feet that much either.  Are Keens prevalent in L.A.?  Anyone know?  (Tip – If you have small feet and you’re female, you could buy children’s Keens and save about $50.  Figure out your kids’ size by subtracting 2 or 1.5 from your adult size.  For example, a woman’s 6 would be around a kid’s 4.)


I’m not saying Chicago is better than L.A.; it’s just refreshingly different. 


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